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Damstom D300-GR 38" Panel Clamp

Damstom D300-GR 38" Panel Clamp

Part Number: D300-GR
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Damstom D300-GR 38" Panel Clamp
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A new panel clamp model of Damstom. It helps the professional and amateur woodworkers for all their panel works. The D300 GRAY is designed to erase completely the curvature of the wooden pieces, helps to get a good pressure, sticks all the pieces together and reduce the amount of tools for the conventional process.

  • Easy to make 38 long wood panel.
  • Gray rails are metal powder coated : Glue doesn t adhere to it. Easy to clean.
  • You can make wood panels with different thicknesses; 3/4 up to 4 1/2
  • The handle has been redesign to procure a better grip and better fit to your hand
  • An ACME thread is one of the new improvement for this clamp, it gives a better tightening.
Made in Canada

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