GEM BW-HLS 11" Orbital Sander/Polisher w/Shroud

GEM BW-HLS 11" Orbital Sander/Polisher w/Shroud

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GEM's orbital action sands, polishes and finishes with a motion like that of the human hand! Sands equally well and uniformly on solid surface and wood products. This heavy duty machine runs at 1700 orbits per minute without the possibility of creating the swirl marks associated with high-speed rotary buffers. Smooth, hand-polish action safeguards against surface damage. GEM's counter weight system is well balanced and smooth running, so you can guide the sander over the surface and let the 18 lbs. of weight do the work for you. 

  • Heavy-duty ball bearing capacitor motor
  • No gears to grind or strip out
  • No carbon brushes to burn out
  • No armature winding to burn out
  • Exclusive removable shaft system
  • Sands, polishes and finishes

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