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I2015C X Series CNC Machine Complete Package CNC

I2015C X Series CNC Machine Complete Package CNC

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I2015C X Series CNC Machine Complete Package CNC
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A complete Plug & Play CNC Solution for a safe, quiet, dust-free creative environment; it is a perfect (& stunning) addition to any workshop. Our Complete CNC Package ships directly to your door, with everything that you will need to let your CNC creativity flow, including:

  • X Series 20 x 15 ICONIC CNC Router
  • Steel-Framed Stand
  • Safety Enclosure
  • Dust Collection Adapter
  • 10-Piece Tool Kit (Built by Amana Tool)
  • Choice of Design Software (ArtCAM or VCarve Desktop*)

This is the perfect investment for anyone looking for a CNC Solution, regardless of your expertise. Our training resources, and our Support Team, will provide you with everything that you ll need to have a great CNC experience.

*ArtCAM is a pre-paid one-year subscription to one of the most powerful 3D design software programs in the industry. VCarve Desktop includes a permanent license to their 2D/2.5D design software, which also includes the ability to import 3D models.

  • High Frequency Spindle with Variable Speed
  • Rugged, Durable Steel-Framed Stand
  • Enclosure with Safety Interlock Door
  • Z-Axis Auto Indexer for Multi-Tool Operations
  • Maintenance-free Linear Bearings
  • Anodized Aluminium Table Surface
  • 4 Standard Cutting Tools + 10-Piece Tool Kit
  • ArtCAM/VCarve Desktop and iPicture Software
  • Over 1,000 Ready-to-Cut 3D Models
  • Easy-to-use Handheld Controller

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