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Jessem 04215 Clear-Cut Stock Guides

Jessem 04215 Clear-Cut Stock Guides

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Jessem 04215 Clear-Cut Stock Guides
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Feather boards are a great tool for holding your stock and preventing kickback, but they do have their limitations. Now there is an option with no limitations. Introducing our Clear-Cut™ Stock Guides. No need to struggle holding long boards tight to your fence. Achieve safer, smoother and more precise cuts as your work is always held in position. 

  • Unique guide rollers mounted on a 5° angle effectively steering your stock towards your fence. This angle causes the roller to hold with more force if the wood tries to move against the direction of the feed
  • Rollers are fitted with one way roller bearings to ensure each roller spins in the direction of the feed to prevent kickback
  • Grip force urethane rollers hold your stock securely in position
  • Set up is fast and easy
  • Guides lock into position along the fence with a twist of the pivot knob and the height setting is controlled with a twist of the clamping knob
  • For long term routing, the clamping knob is broached to accept a 1/4" hex key to add that extra security you won't lose your settings
  • Guides mount to a standard 1/4" T-Slot found on most commercially available router table fences
  • Guides have 2-3/4" of total adjustment
  • Have complete control of your stock even when routing wide boards or large panels. The dual action of the guides will pull your work tight to the fence
  • Guides are CNC machined from 6000 series aluminum and anodized for appearance and durability
  • Roller axles machined from cold rolled steel and case hardened for durability
  • Rollers designed from wear resistant acetal resin
  • Traction tires are molded out of urethane for long life and superior grip

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