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Kreg KHC-PREMIUM Face Clamp

Kreg KHC-PREMIUM Face Clamp

Part Number: KHC-PREMIUM
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Kreg KHC-PREMIUM Face Clamp
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  • This Face Clamp™ features a 3" reach and will handle workpieces up to 2-3/4" thick.
  • The perfect clamp for Kreg Joinery™. All of our Face Clamps features an extra large pad on one arm which is placed on the ‘show side’ of the joint to help create a perfectly flush joint as the screws are driven. As a bonus feature, the clamp is also compatible with the Kreg Jig® Jr’s Portable Clamp Adapter so the Jig can be connected directly to the clamp for high-speed panel drilling. Each Face Clamp™ also comes with ergonomic comfort grips for reduced slippage and to eliminate the possibility of pinching.

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