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Kreg KKS1020 Klamp Trak

Kreg KKS1020 Klamp Trak

Part Number: KKS1020
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Kreg KKS1020 Klamp Trak
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  • True clamping flexibility. With the Klamp Trak™ you can turn the entire length of your workbench into a clamping station. The Klamp Trak™ can be quickly routed into any wooden or composite work surface such as a workbench or sawhorse, or staggered between two ¾" thick panels to provide a perfectly seamless clamping plane anywhere you need it. Once installed, it accepts any Kreg Bench Klamp™, giving you complete precise control over where you position your clamp.
  • When not in use, you can remove the Bench Klamp™ to regain your perfectly flush work surface. Includes one 33-3/4" aluminum extrusion.

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