Kreg KKS2745 Universal Clamp Trak Kit (27" x 45")

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Model: KKS2745
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Turn a new or existing workbench into a versatile clamping system.

  • Can be mounted two ways: Surface Mount or Flush Mount
  • Accepts all Kreg® Bench Clamps
  • Includes 27" Trak™ and 45" Trak™
  • Designed to fit benches 30" x 48" and larger
  • Compatible with 20" x 44" Kreg® Universal Bench
  • Each Trak™ measures 21/4" (57mm) wide by .695" (17mm) thick

Universal Clamp Trak™ Kits offer a great new clamping solution that will help you accomplish a wide variety of common woodworking tasks. The Kits do this by allowing you to incorporate the versatile clamping capability of the popular Kreg®Clamp Table™ into any workbench—whether it’s a new or existing bench.

Each Universal Clamp Trak™ Kit comes with longer versions of the same anodized aluminum Trak™ used in the Klamp Table™, plus hardware and instructions that show you how to incorporate them into your workbench. With these Traks™ and couple of Kreg® Bench Clamps (sold separately), you will be able to have a workbench and a multipurpose clamping station in one unit that can hold pieces large or small.

Two Universal Clamp Trak™ Kits are available to fit workbenches of different sizes:

You have selected: the 27" x 45" Kit (Item# KKS2745)

  • Includes one 27" Trak™ and one 45" Trak™
  • Designed to fit benches 30" x 48" and larger
  • Compatible with 20" x 44" Kreg® Universal Bench

Also available: the 27" x 69" Kit (Item# KKS2769)

  • Includes one 27" Trak™ and one 69" Trak™
  • Designed to fit benches 30" x 72" and larger
  • Compatible with 20" x 64" Kreg® Universal Bench

The Traks™ are made from durable anodized aluminum; and come with high-quality mounting hardware, along with detailed mounting instructions. The Traks™ can be surface mounted by bolting them to the bench surface. Or they can be flush mounted by bolting them to a surface, and then adding a layer of 3/4" (19mm) thick material.


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