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Wilton 10010 6" ATV All-Terrain Vise

Wilton 10010 6" ATV All-Terrain Vise

Part Number: WIL10010
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Wilton 10010 6" ATV All-Terrain Vise
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Some jobs go beyond the workshop; some jobs make you come to them. For the jobs that demand function, strength and mobility we present the All-Terrain Vise by Wilton. Secure it in your hitch or mount it on your bench, the ATV is locked, loaded, and ready to go.

  • Fits a standard 2" hitch and includes a hitch pin for security.
  • Can be mounted on a bench or trailer for even greater versatility with the included mounting bracket.
  • Lightweight and with an integrated carrying handle, the ATV is designed for easy transport.
  • Patented 360° locking handle secures the handle while driving or repositions it while working.
  • The included set screws are designed to provide a tight fit in the hitch and reduce vibration while driving.
  • Water resistant for all weather protection while it's on your truck.
  • Large striking anvil for forming and shaping materials.
  • Ideal working height doesn't interfere with truck bed or tailgate.
  • Jaws are replaceable and include a v-groove for vertical clamping of round objects.
  • Pipe jaws clamp round objects up to 3".
  • 60,000 PSI ductile iron body

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