Do you have a storefront location?
Yes. We have two stores located in Hamilton, Our first store established back in 1979 is located at 1104 Barton Street East at the corner of Barton and Ottawa in the east end of Hamilton and our second store located at 1361 Rymal Road East at the corner of Dartnall and Rymal on the Hamilton Mountain.

Is the pricing online the same as the pricing in store?
Yes. We offer the same pricing to our online customers as we do to our local customers in store.

Do you offer price matching
Yes however conditional. We will match pricing when the product is identical and available through a Canadian retailer. We do not match prices from Amazon or eBay. Please give us a call, stop by one of the stores or send us an email.

What method of shipping is used for the free shipping
Any domestic shipments under 50 lbs. are sent with Canada Post or UPS. We reserve the right to select the most economical shipping option for any order qualifying for free shipping. Special arrangements can be made through other courier companies as well, please contact us for information.

Do you offer Gift Cards
Yes, Gift cards are available to purchase in store and online.  We offer two types of gift cards, one for use in store which will be mailed to you and a digital version which can be emailed to the recipient to be used on our website.

Can I have my items delivered to my workplace or any other address?
Orders may be shipped to a secondary location however the billing address and phone number provided must be associated with your credit card. If you require your order to be shipped to an address other than the billing address, please contact us prior to completing your order.

Are there any additional fees involved?
No, we do not charge processing or any other fees. You will be charged for the product you are purchasing plus applicable taxes and shipping.

Why was my transaction declined?
We take credit card fraud very seriously and we are diligent in protecting both ourselves and our customers. Our system relies on an AVS (Address Verification System), when a credit card is processed our gateway returns either an approval code or an error code. Failed transactions

*AVS response: G No match at all - Your credit card provider is telling the shopping cart that the Billing Street Address & the Billing Zip Code you entered are incorrect. We have reversed your transaction due to incorrect Billing Address details. If you may have made a mistake, please go back and fix it. If too many attempts are made, you will be reported to the credit card company for fraud risk.

*AVS response: 4 or R Issuer does not participate in AVS - We have reversed your transaction due to the fact that your bank does not participate in Card Verification Code System. If your bank does not participate in the Card Verification Code System you will need to choose another payment method.

*AVS response: 7 Address Information Unavailable. The transaction cannot be verified by AVS, please contact us.

If your transaction was declined, please let us know and we can investigate further.

*Special note regarding error codes: These error codes will result in an automatic reversal of the transaction. This means that although the transaction was approved by your credit card provider, the address information returned did not match what was entered on your order. If you see the transaction on your credit card statement, you will also see a reversal shortly after. Please note it may take a few days for this reversal to show up on your statement.