Festool 495315 Multifunction Table MFT/3

Festool 495315 Multifunction Table MFT/3

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Festool 495315 Multifunction Table MFT/3
The evolution of the workbench

The MFT/3 is the perfect height to make work more comfortable. V-groove channels make squaring the miter gauge easier, more accurate and provides a mechanism for attaching accessories. The MFT/3 has many features like perforated tops, side channels for attaching clamps, and folding legs to allow two working heights, as well as easy transport. On the jobsite or in the workshop, use the MFT/3 as a supplemental work surface for sanding, jointing, clamping, or just about anything else.

Can easily be carried to a jobsite, due to its compact size and light weight. Accurate and repeatable cuts with the guide rail and plunge saw or routers. Clamp faster with uniform holes and Festool clamps. Use with legs folded out, at full height, or folded in and set on the floor.

  • Guide Rail system
  • Angle Unit
  • Angle Stop
  • Ergonomics
  • Rubber Feet
  • Combining Tables
  • Clamping
  • Work Surface
  • Threaded Insert
  • Angle Unit & Fence Positioning
  • Work Surface Height
  • Limitless versatility
  • Grid-hole pattern
  • The integrated guide rail system allows you to cut with confidence
  • Adjustable to a maximum cutting depth of three inches, accurately cut materials over 27 inches in width - a feat which is impossible with the largest of miter saws
  • Combined with Festool TS Series saws, Trion jigsaws and OF Series routers, the guide rail is used to make precise, splinter-free cuts that are safer than with a conventional table or radial arm saw
  • The angle unit supplied with the MFT3 Multi-Function Table attaches using the V-Groove side rail enabling easy removal and quick, accurate reattachment
  • Using the angle units detents, make precise angle cuts at common angles
  • Changing the cut angle is much easier when compared to a miter saw where the entire saw head must be repositioned
  • The angle stop allows the guide rail and saw to remain stationary while repositioning the workpiece and fence
  • Precise, repeatable angle cuts
  • The angle stop, which is attached to the Multi-Function Table using the V-Groove side rail, prevents movement of the angle unit by stabilizing the end of the fence
  • It can be easily removed or repositioned using the locking knob
  • Not even the placement of the tensioning knobs for the legs of the MFT escaped consideration in the redesign of the MFT3 Multi-Function Table
  • The knobs are now placed further from the side of the MFT to provide ample room for rotating the knob without damaging your most valuable tools -- your hands
  • Even the most minute of details have not been overlooked in the redesign of the new MFT3 Multi-Function Table
  • The new rubber foot caps protect the floor which is especially important while working on the job site
  • The new caps also make the MFT more resistant to lateral movement during use
  • Festool's system approach to tool design is exemplified in the use of the integrated T-Groove side rail to quickly and easily connect two or more Multi-Function Tables (MFTs) to one another
  • Simply insert the optional connectors (484 455) into the side rails to bridge the MFTs to one another multiplying your work surface
  • It's that simple!
  • The perforated work surface and integrated side rails of the Multi-Function Table provide a wide variety of clamping configurations
  • Working with the edge of the workpiece or irregular shapes has never been easier thanks to Festool's clamps which are designed to integrate with the MFT
  • Work with confidence, knowing that your workpiece is well secured
  • While the Multi-Function Table (MFT) makes a superb work surface for cutting, sanding and routing, you can also use the MFT for assembly
  • Built to be sturdy, the MFT can support loads up to 260 lbs
  • A ergonomically designed work height places your work materials at the perfect height
  • A new feature of the totally redesigned MFT3 Multi-Function Table is the use of threaded inserts for attaching the perforated work surface
  • Previous models of the MFT used a coarse wood screw for attachment
  • The new threaded inserts not only prevent damage to the MDF top from over torquing but also establish a reference point when attaching the top
  • Positioning the top is now easier and more accurate than ever
  • The Multi-Function Table has been recently redesigned to offer a more comfortable work surface height
  • Folding legs make transporting the MFT to and from job sites easy by providing a light weight, compact profile
  • For installing flooring and other applications where you spend time kneeling, the MFT can be placed at floor level with the legs collapsed bringing the work surface to you
  • Now that's smart!
  • With limitless options for securing material, the MFT/3 is your single best option for routing, sanding, clamping and assembly
  • Uniform hole pattern provides the basis for secure clamping, so you spend less time trying to get a grip on tricky workpieces


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