Laguna MBAND1412 14|12 14 in. Bandsaw, 12 in. Resaw, 1 3/4HP (CSA)

Laguna MBAND1412 14|12 14 in. Bandsaw, 12 in. Resaw, 1 3/4HP (CSA)

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Laguna MBAND1412 14|12 14 in. Bandsaw, 12 in. Resaw, 1 3/4HP (CSA)
Features include pyramid shaped spine, 1 3/4 HP TEFC motor, quick release tension, 115 volt outlet and micro polished 21 1/2in. X 16in. table mounted onto oversized trunion paired with aluminum Hi/Low fence. Solid cast wheels are electronically, dynamically balanced & fitted with polyurethane one-piece tires designed to run cooler and last longer than conventional tires. The worm gear & pinion is ultra-smooth and engineered to have minimum flex even when fully extended. This is a trade mark of Laguna, just like the famous ceramic Laguna guides. Double windows allows you to check both tension & tracking while the machine is running. Shown with optional Wheel Kit & Light System.

  • Quick Release Blade Tensioner w. 6 & 11 Oclock stops
  • Precision Tension Scale
  • Hand Wheel Conveniently Mounted under Upper Cabinet
  • 4in. Dust Port. Innovative Table Insert Forces Dust into Port
  • Laguna 10 Point Ceramic Blade Guides, no moving parts
  • Magnetic Blade Guard
  • Ultra Smooth Worm Gear-driven Rack & Pinion
  • Minimum Flex in Guide Post even when fully Extended
  • Premium Throat Plate 2 7/8in. X 5 1/4in. with Set Screws
  • Dynamically Balanced Cast Iron Wheels
  • Polyurethane Single Piece Cold Running Tires
  • Flat Poly-Groove Drive Belt
  • Massive Adjustable Lower Wheel Shaft
  • Blade Speed Optimized for Wood Cutting
  • Heavy Duty Enclosed Stand with Rubber Pads
  • Dual Windows Display Tracking & Tension Information
  • Euro Style Adjustable & Replaceable Door Hinges
  • Two-Tone Powder Coated Paint
  • World Class Fit & Finish


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