Malco TNP2S Trim Nail Punch-Metal

Malco TNP2S Trim Nail Punch-Metal

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Malco TNP2S Trim Nail Punch-Metal
Malco offers three different models of trim nail punches, depending on your preference, TNP2S, TNP2R, and TNP3S. Each model effectively drives trim nails into soffit, fascia, and other finishing trim without denting or marring material. The TNP2S, Heavy Duty Trim Nail Punch features an all-steel nose and aluminum tail piece that directs weight to the working end when grasping or starting a nail. Accommodates up to 1-1/4" (31.2 mm) standard trim nails. Nose fits into 1/2" (12.7 mm) J-channel. The TNP2R, Trim Nail Punch with Retaining Clip, offers easier nailing from any angle or height and has an exclusive, "nail retaining clip" feature. Avoid the awkwardness and strain of balancing nails in the nose of the punch or holding back the drive pin while standing on a ladder or reaching out to nail. The new retaining clip also minimizes scrapes and dents caused by nail slippage or improper setting depth. The TNP3S, Pocket Sized Trim Nail Punch, is constructed of hardened steel and corrosion resistance to ensure longer tool life. The tool will hold and install standard 1-1/4" (31.2 mm) trim nails. The small size allows easy access to recesses of formed trim pieces. A hex collar prevents rolling when tool is set down.

Catalog # Description Color Length in. (mm) Net Weight oz. (g.)
TNP2S Trim Nail Punch Blue 6-3/4 (171) 6 (170)
TNP2R Trim Nail punch w/clip Red 6-3/4 (171) 6 (170)
TNP3S Trim Nail Punch- Pocket Sized Black 5 (127) 2 (57)

  • Offered in three different types
  • Nail retaining clip in TNP2R helps keep nail securely positioned
  • The TNP3S is small and compact to help save space in your tool bag
  • The TNP2S offers a heavy duty solution when driving trim nails

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